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We could go on about the fact that we are international award winning food photographers with an enviable client list, but you probably don't care. So see the work, if it strikes a chord, get in touch with a brief :-) Happy browsing.

The nuts and bolts: Been shooting food since 1998. Love shooting food. Very good at shooting food. Both still and moving. 

Client Speak: 

"...Jignesh knows the art of turning the dullest and most boring looking dishes into mouthwatering favourites."
- Pramiti Madhavji, Editor in Chief, Elle Decor

"Jignesh is an extreme talent coupled with an attitude to co-create with you. All this backed by his powerhouse of knowledge."
- Pradeep Debnath, Creative Director, Interbrand

"Our food special and the recipes came to life through Jignesh’s lens. And this is what he does best - breathe life into the inanimate!"
- Priya Tanna, Editor, Vogue India

"While working with Jignesh, I have seen that in his eyes food is not just an object. His soul lingers and that inanimate thing transforms into a lively picture and I see a new avatar."
- Raju Mittal, Creative Director (Capital Foods & Deep End Food Creatives)

"...Jignesh is a fantastic photographer and I am much more confident of delivering as a creative director when I am shooting with him."
- Utpal Barve (Strategist, Interbrand)

"Jignesh is a thinking photographer who contributes a great deal to a shoot, besides his photography skills."
- Kermin Colaco, Creative Director (Elle Magazine and others)

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